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About Call of Duty

call of duty mobile hack cheats

So, what is CODM?

CODM stands for “Call of Duty Mobile”.

The ‘mobile’ extension means it is optimized only for mobile phones.

There is another version that can only be played on a PC. But that is not our area of focus or concentration in this guide.

CODM is strictly battle oriented mobile game.

More specifically, it is a hardcore shooting game for those that derive pleasure in such games.

In the game, players can go into warfare as lone soldiers or pair up in duos or groups of four in Battle Royale.

For the MP (Multiple Players) matches, you have the option of playing alone or pairing up to a maximum of 5 players.

CODM is an intense battle game where you are confronted with other players across the globe.

These players are ranked differently according to their levels of experience in the game.

There are the noob players, normal players, pro players and the advanced players.

If you are just starting out with Call of Duty Mobile, then you really don’t want to be confronted by either the Pro or advanced players.


Because they will end your carrier within seconds before it even has the chance to start talk more of thriving.

The Perks

One of the most interesting things about CODM is that it is packed with lots of perks.

These perks cut across different areas.

To aid your survival chances, several weapons are made available at your disposal.

There are guns, knives, shield, grenade and other weapons designed to aid you in annihilating your rivals.

But let us talk a little more on shield.

Shield otherwise best known as vest are specific in their purpose.

They are meant to shield you from your rival’s flying bullets.

In other words, it reduces the amount of damages dealt to your health by your rivals’ bullets.

Now, the interesting thing about vest is that they come in three levels.

Level 1, 2 and 3 vests.

For the level 1 vest, it is just as good as not using a vest at all.

Hence your focus should be on level 2 or 3 vest. However, your priority should be on level 3 vest.

Call of Duty Mobile Hack Cheats: The Pros and Cons

A wise man once said “nothing good comes easy”.

The same goes for the hacks and cheats for CODM game.

There are lots of fake versions available online.

People are getting scammed and ticked with the fake ones.

Hence, the reason why finding a working version can such a great pain in the butt.

However, that is not to say that there are no good and working ones available.

The fact and truth of the matter is that they are indeed available.

However, you must know the ‘how’ and ‘where’ in finding them.

With that said and out of the way, here are the Pros and Cons associated with CODM online generator.

The Pros:

Can generate unlimited free CODM CPs

Works on both PC and Mobile devices.

It is cloud based, hence can be accessed and utilized from any device.

Provides free CODM skins (premium/paid skins)

Doesn’t get account banned

Can be used on more than one game account

The Cons:

Very hard to find

Using fake ones can damage your device

May require constant update to remain functional

Compatible Mobile Platform

CODM cannot be played with any device.

There are certain devices that the game is developed for.

Using any other devices apart from the specified ones will not load up the game.

So, what are these specified devices?

They are Android and iOS powered devices.

With your Android or iOS phones and tablets, you can comfortably play the game without any hassles.

You should know that the game requires an active internet connection. This connection is required to successfully connect and play with other players across the globe.

Call of Duty Enhanced Gaming Experience Checklist

A lot of people complain that CODM is not enjoyable.

Not enjoyable in the sense that the gaming experience is not smooth and fluid.

In my experience, there are things that can be done to significantly improve Call of Duty mobile overall gaming experience.

In the following paragraphs, I highlight a handful of them.


The gaming experience of CODM is greatly affected by the caliber of phone you use.

Because it a high-end graphics game, low budget phones will perform poorly with it.

For an average gaming experience, you should not use anything below 3GB of RAM. This will enable you play the game at a reasonable rate of performance.

However, if you need a fluid gaming experience, then 4GB RAM is the starting point. I personally like to go with 6 – 8 RAM.

That way, I can crank up all the graphics and fps rate for the ultimate gaming experience.

These kinds of phones are expensive. To those that can afford them fine. For those that can’t settle for something moderate.

You can still play well and win some of the battles.


Now network is something that I have seen killed lots of noob and pro players.

Using a bad or poor network can end a good game in seconds.

Because of poor network, your game will always tend to lag and drag thus resulting in late responds to an attack thereby resulting in instant dead.

If possible, always use a wireless network.

Take my word for it.

It will save your life countless time. Especially when you are in a hot battle and a call comes through.

You will be able to still play the game and respond to the call later when you are in a reasonably safe zone.

Your Controls Layout

I could write a whole chapter about the topic alone.

However, I will try to summarize it in the shortest manner possible.

By controls layout, I’m referring to how you position your buttons for easy and quick access.

Remember being easy to reach the buttons is not enough. To terminate your enemies quickly, your buttons must be positioned such that you can reach them within a second.

Else, you might just become a crate in seconds.

When it come to button and controls formation, there are many options you can explore.

But I will keep it simple.

However, a more detailed post about button configuration will be published in the near future.

When it comes to button placements, here are your options.

2, 3, or 4 finger player for those using mobile phones.

For the tablet users, they can go as high as single fingers placement configurations.

When first starting out, you will most likely be playing 2 fingers configuration.

As you progress in the game, you will learn to use 3 – 4 fingers.

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